Started in the early 1990s, the Muslim Community Center (MCC) of Bloomington began its origins in the homes of many faithful members seeking the pleasure of ALLAH (SWT). The official charter of the community was formalized by a handful of families and formal prayer services were offered at various locations in Richfield, Bloomington, Shakopee and Eden Prairie. The foundation for the New Masjid began in the mid-90s and was officially inaugurated during the Holy Month of Ramadan in 1999. At its time, MCC was the first ever Masjid constructed from the ground up while most in the State of Minnesota were converted spaces.

Funds were raised exclusively from the local community to procure real estate and construct the 8,000 sq. ft. Masjid and in 2009, MCC acquired the neighboring property which now serves as a ‘free clinic’ for the needy and uninsured. Al Rahma Clinic serves over 300 patients per month on Saturdays staffed by volunteer physicians and medical professionals. The clinic has become a role model for other Masjids in Minnesota and has been recognized as a success by local and State community leaders. The Al Rahma building is also neighboring the MCC children’s school for Islamic studies. The MCC School serves the community in educating the fundamentals and basics from the early preschooler to the adolescent Muslim.

At its launch in 1999, MCC became the largest Muslim community center in South and Southwestern suburbs of Minneapolis, serving more than 300 Muslim families living throughout the area. Today, there are over 700 local Muslim families in the South and Southwestern suburbs of Minneapolis who visit the Masjid throughout the year. With over 150,000 Muslims living in the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area, MCC serves as a religious and spiritual center dedicated for all races, ethnicities and beliefs to congregate and learn. The center hosts many events, including fund raisers, interfaith lectures, basic to higher learning of religious subjects, community education, civic schooling and other social programs.

Located in Bloomington, Minnesota, MCC is within a short distance from the Mall of America, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport (MSP), corporate headquarters of major corporations in Minnesota with variety of hotels nearby. Surrounded by major freeways, getting to the Masjid and Community Center is easy and fast. A typical taxi costs around $20 from a nearby hotel and takes less than 10 minutes. We welcome you to visit and see our many services.